Honest & Transparent AdWords Management for Ecommerce Stores That Will Produce Consistent, Measurable Results

We take the guesswork and frustration out of getting the most out of AdWords for your ecommerce store by:

… doing all our work in an AdWords account that you control

… spending cautiously and ensuring you never waste money without getting a return

… keeping our prices fair even though we provide expert service (our AdWords management starts from just $300/month)

… not locking you in to any contracts of service -- if you’re not happy, we don’t want your money!

… advising you to discontinue your AdWords campaigns if we determine that we cannot produce a return

Unlike other PPC companies that just want you to KEEP SPENDING, we provide honest & transparent advice & campaign management to help you make the best decisions about where you spend your marketing dollars.

The Decal Marketing team achieved an average improvement of 400% in our AdWords search marketing click through rate even as they halved our average cost per click. We wouldn't have believed it was possible to get such a dramatic improvement on a campaign that had already been setup and managed by several different PPC experts and agencies.

Shiju Thomas

Manager-Product, Marketing & Partnerships at AutoGenie.com.au


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Will you spam me if I put my email address in above?

No, we will only use your email address to contact you about your FREE one-on-one consultation. If you also check the box to receive 27 free AdWords tips for ecommerce we will send you one tip per week over the next 27 weeks.

What happens during the FREE one-on-one consultation?

You will meet with one of our AdWords consultants to discuss your business and determine if there’s potential for you to generate a reasonable return on your AdWords investment. We will then recommend an initial strategy.

What happens AFTER the free one-on-one consultation and how much will it cost?

Following your FREE one-on-one consultation we will recommend either that you spend your marketing time & money on channels other than AdWords, or we will setup and run your campaign for you according to the strategy we determine is best suited to your business. If you’re just starting out on AdWords this usually takes the form of an initial month of exploratory spending which will coast you between AUD$1,200 and AUD$2,100 (including AdWords spend and our management costs). If you’re already running an AdWords campaigns we’ll tailor a solution to your specific needs.

I’d rather run my own campaigns… can you train me or my staff?

We sure can. We have taught hundreds of people to use AdWords more effectively with our eBook “Your First 3 Months on AdWords” and free articles on CopyHackers, Mixergy and Unbounce. If you’re in or near Sydney or Melbourne in Australia we can also do a 3 hour, express on-site training for up to 4 people for just $825 ex. GST

I’ve been scammed by so called “PPC Experts” before … what makes you different?

There are typically 2 kinds of PPC company: those that are outright scams (“We’ll get you on Page #1 of Google!”) and those that are extremely expensive consultants. The reason good AdWords consulting typically costs so much is because it’s time consuming and requires expert training. We have developed a simple, repeatable strategy for launching, managing and optimising AdWords campaigns, published in our eBook “Your First 3 Months on AdWords”. This has allowed us to keep the costs down by online providing expert review when it’s most valuable, whilst systemising the bulk of the AdWords management process. We also do all our work in an AdWords account that YOU control, with NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS and COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY.

We tried AdWords and it just didn’t work for our business… why should we try again?

If AdWords didn’t work for your business in the past, we’ll be able to tell within our initial 15 minute consultation whether or not this was because the campaign was poorly managed, or because of some other fundamental problem with your business. Suffice it to stay that ALL successful ecommerce stores use AdWords; if AdWords doesn’t work for YOUR business, there’s a good chance you won’t be successful.

My AdWords account got suspended… can you help me get back on AdWords?

Funnily enough, we’ve been suspended from AdWords before, too! You can see our story and advice for getting back on Google AdWords here.

Who runs Decal Marketing and why should I trust them?

Decal Marketing is run by Iain Dooley. Iain has been managing AdWords for a variety of businesses for the past 4 years, and has been a web developer for the past 12 years. He knows a lot about a variety of different topics to do with computers, the internet & and business but has particular skills in generating a return from AdWords for ecommerce businesses. He has been published on several well known blogs. You can find him on CopyHackers, Mixergy and Unbounce, as well as Hacker News, Facebook and Twitter.

What other services can Decal Marketing provide?

Decal Marketing is part of the Working Software Group of Companies. We are a full service digital agency that can provide web and mobile application design and development, copywriting, SEO, content, email & SMS marketing, strategic consulting and bespoke web application development.