The Most Recommended Adwords Books You Must Read Today!

Google Adwords is an ad system that allows businesses to attract customers much faster than other techniques, such as SEO, which are long-haul.

Although starting to use it can be relatively easy, getting the most out of it needs a good understanding of all the aspects that influence the system.

3 Best Books Of Google Ads

  • Google AdWords Book: Tricks and strategies for success, by Enrique Del Valle
  • Google Adwords book. Design Your Winning Strategy, by Fernando Martín Ortega
  • Brad Geddes Advanced Google AdWords Book

For this reason, there are some books on Google Adwords that can give us a quick overview of the operation and possibilities of the ad platform. These are some especially relevant books:

Google AdWords Book: Tricks and strategies for success, by Enrique Del Valle

Enrique del Valle is a professional with extensive experience in Adwords, as well as a trainer and contributor to the Adwords community forum, as he always mentions: user since 2004. A complete book, written from a very practical point of view, in which Del Valle tells us about the specific strategies and techniques he uses in his day today.

At the end of the book, we talk about how to optimize Adwords campaigns to extract the best performance and also to automate, a very interesting topic due to the great dedication of managing Adwords accounts.

Google Adwords book. Design Your Winning Strategy, by Fernando Martín Ortega

To start, Fernando Martín, in this book, invites us to think like a client. It is clear that putting yourself in the mind of the buyer persona is essential to know how you are going to look. From here, he talks about how to create campaigns that contain ads aimed at trying to capture the attention of the user who must click on the ad. The ad system, through the quality level, interprets the interest it may have for each search.

In addition, the importance of making improvements to the website in order to obtain better conversion results is also discussed. Google Display also occupies an important part of the book, both in the configuration and in the design and creation of the banners and, of course, linked to the potential of remarketing.

A book, in short, perfect for both the starter and the one who already works but wants to improve their methodology and get more out of their campaigns.

Brad Geddes Advanced Google AdWords Book

Start, of course, placing the user in the center, underlining the importance of understanding the psychology of search in order to raise campaigns, ads on Google Adwords successfully.

Geddes, likewise, does a complete review from birth and all the updates that the platform has lived to understand better how it has been reached today and why it works the way it does.

The success of the ads in Google Adwords also depends on the landing page, which makes it easier to achieve a higher number of conversions, taking into account aspects such as usability or building trust in the user who arrives at our website.

From here, other strategies are discussed that help increase the conversion rates and, of course, the level of quality, one of the aspects that seem more complicated in Adwords and that the bookshelves in great depth.

A bible like this book Advanced Google Adwords also dedicates a space to go beyond the search networks talking about Google Display or the possibility of remarketing to be able to attract possible lost conversions again to the website.

For those who wish to go deeper, Google has a perfect tool for working with large clients that have thousands of keywords and ads. Its name is Adwords editor, and it is perfect when there is so much information that is difficult to manage from the web version of the platform.

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