How I Got My Adwords Account Unsuspended

Imagine that one day you wake up early, you prepare a coffee and turn on your computer to see how your online store sales are going, surprised you see that a couple of days ago there are no sales, you start researching to verify that everything is correct, The web works smoothly so you decide to enter your AdWords account to see if everything goes as it should. Suddenly, when you access your account, you see a red message that tells you what you could never have imagined: your AdWords account has been suspended.

At that moment, your heart skips a beat, and your limbs begin to falter and shake, you are disoriented, and you don’t know very well what to do. You don’t understand anything, and you would like to know at least what happened and why, rather, who is to blame for the suspension of my Google account? At that time, you start hyperventilating and decide to call AdWords technical support, but find out that it is too early and there will be no one to answer you. The thing looks bad, and you don’t know what exactly happened. Your business advertising is blocked, and you should fix it as soon as possible.

This situation may seem a bit exaggerated, but some of us have experienced it as it is and even in worse circumstances. When your business depends on the ads on Google, we must take into account to follow the guidelines of Google without forgetting aspects that we may think are unimportant and can end our AdWords account suspended.

The first of all is to review what may be the reasons why we may suffer a suspension from Google. Normally the main reason is to violate Google’s policies for advertisers since this is essential for Google and its entire system, but we will see each and every one of them, to be able to be aware and avoid them.

Reasons Why Your Adwords Account May Be Suspended

  • Policy Violation
  • Outstanding balance
  • Chargebacks
  • Improper use of promotional codes
  • Suspicious Payments
  • Unauthorized access
  • Repeated violations

Infringement Of Advertising Policies

The improper use of the AdWords advertising network is a delicate violation that may result in the suspension of the account. It is very important that although we do not have bad intentions, we properly review the advertising policies to see if all our work meets the requirements and the policies.

Outstanding Balance

If our account has a pending balance payment, it will be temporarily suspended, once the payment of the said balance is made, the account can be reactivated.


If we decide to return a corresponding charge to our AdWords account from our bank or card, our account will be suspended. To solve it we only have to make the payment for the said outstanding amount.

Improper Use Of Adwords Promotional Codes

If a user misuses promotional codes such as selling them or using them repeatedly to deceive the system, their account will be suspended.

Suspicious Payments

If Google detects any type of suspicious or fraudulent payment, such as the use of a stolen card, it will suspend the account immediately.

Unauthorized Access To Accounts

If Google detects unauthorized user access to a specific AdWords account, you can suspend it to protect its owner from possible misuse or unwanted charges. If our account has been suspended for this reason, we must contact AdWords support to fix it.

Repeated Violations

If we repeatedly violate policies, even if we are not aware, our account may be suspended. That is why it is so important to review the policies in detail if we have a complex AdWords account or where we make any changes.

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